Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ashwini Shetty Akkunje expressing her pain at remarks made by P. T. Usha,

Ashwini Shetty Akkunje said that she had never expected such remarks from P. T. Usha. Once again she said that she never consumed any drugs knowingly, she said that she is hurt about the fact that people have begun doubting her previous performances.

She expressed her pain at the derogatory remarks made by P. T. Usha, she said that Ashwin had covered 400m in 59.49 seconds at the Commonwealth Games and had improved to 56.15 seconds at Asian Games and this is a “superhuman” feat.

Ashwini Shetty Akkunje also expressed her opinion that P. T. Usha must have found it difficult to accept the fact that another athlete can match her performances and had therefore made derogatory statements against her.