Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Gujarat best example of effective governance USA!!!!

Washington: Identifying Gujarat as, perhaps, the best example of effective governance and impressive development in India, a Congressional report showered praise on Chief Minister Narendra Modi.

After Godhra riots in Gujarath, Modi had been denied visa by the USA. Last week Wiki-leaks revealed the news that even America does not want BJP come to power in India. But this statement is disturbing Indian's.

The reasons behind are after so much corruption in Congress, BJP may be chance of coming to power in 2014. Second, in the event of the BJP coming to power, Narendra Modi will be chance of Prime Minster. The main reason is, last week China’s ambassador Zhang Yan, met  Narendra Modi and expressed China’s interest in working together with Gujarat’s industrial and manufacturing edge. 

Now USA might be realized value of Narendra Modi ;-).